Ecovalente offers flexible packaging solutions compatible with recycling processes

Ecovalente was born for the purpose of solving the customer’s and consumer’s current needs, which demand sustainable packaging solutions while maintaining the functionality of existing materials. We believe there is a balance between the virtues of flexible packaging and environmental care, and we dedicate all hours of the day to finding the best solutions.

Our history begins more than 60 years ago, in Lugo, Galicia (Spain), within the core of Industrias Plásticas Arias, a historic company that has provided packaging solutions to hundreds of clients, for years.

Industrias Plásticas Arias (IPA) has always been committed to the environment, even though we know this is not enough. By virtue of this commitment, Ecovalente was born in January 2021 as an individual entity with independent resources and personnel in search of innovation, but always maintaining the origins and essence of the Company founded in 1963: care for people and the environment, sustainability and long-term vision.


The company presently comprises of an array of 37 professionals with different profiles and training: physicists, chemists, engineers and economists.

Javier González Tovar

Pedro Lago

Noelia Pérez
Sustainability & Innovation

Laura Lugilde
Accounting & Finance

Tomás Iglesias
Manufacturing Manager

Pablo Fernández
Supply Chain

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